Posted by King Track & Field on Apr 25 2021 at 05:31PM PDT

April 24, 2021

While the sport of track and field functions as a team sport of multiple events, one of the luxuries of the sport is that the individual disciplines or events can often function – and compete – on their own, absent the other events present in a normal track and field meet.

Such was the case as King’s pole vaulters and a couple of distance runners competed in two different locations; the vaulters under the sun, a couple of distance runners under the lights.

In the morning hours of Saturday, the vaulters headed across town to Ramona High for a double dual meet.   In an effort to get more pole vault competition in the midst of the pandemic,  Ramona coach Scott Hanes had invited three schools, King, Roosevelt and Great Oak to compete in this first ever event.

For the King vaulters, it was a day well spent as 7 of the 11 Wolves present put together personal records.

On the boys side, frosh Jaden Mckee shattered the old freshman vault record by a full foot clearing 13-1 to garner 4th place overall. Luke Martincheck (Jr), who picked up a pole for the first time about two months ago has improved greatly clearing 10-1. Greg Pedaline (Sr) also got his PR at 11-1. For the girls team, Juliet McKee (Jr) matched her younger brother’s feat with a PR of her own at 9-7 and made a great attempt at 10-1. Highlight of the day tough, may have been the significant improvements of Nikki Agasshi (7-7), Angleina Pulido (7-1) and Samantha Rodriquez (8-1) Samantha and Nikki, in particular, showed their happiness with unrestrained celebrations, pretty much jumping out of the pit and rushing to their teammates.

“I have been at this an awful long time,” said Head Coach John Corona, who for a change was a spectator, “but I’ve neve gotten tired of watching kids display such unbridled joy when they are able to accomplish something special.”

“I am just glad we were able to do this today, said Vault coach Megan Melton, “it was a big deal for the kids. Here’s hoping we can do more of this type of thing, for the entire team, as we move forward.”

Later in the evening and under the lights, a hastily assembled Arroyo Distance Meet of Champions (the meet had been cancelled and then just seven days ago resurrected with 6 races of the 800, 1600 and 3200 for athletes who met stringent qualifying marks) saw two King multi-lap distance runners, Francisco Zavaleta and Edgar Ortega compete.  Held at Arcadia High School on a brand new track, both distance runners took advantage of their first invitational platform in a full year.

Edgar was first across the line in “heat one” of the 1600 with a lifetime PR of 4:20.21. (If both heats were combined his would be the 9th fastest of the day).

Less than an hour later, Francisco ran a gutty 3200 to finish 9th (he was entered with the 19th best seed time), also with a lifetime PR of 9:27.40.  The mark moves him to #4 all time at King over 3200.

So it was a good day for a couple fractions of the whole.  That full team will be reunited with all events on Wednesday as they take on the Corona Panthers.